Push Polls and Surveys

Push Polls

Push Polls and Surveys are very similar, the only difference being how many questions and responses are included with the cost. A Push Poll is a single question with 1 or 2 as possible responses. A Survey is an unlimited number of questions with 1 through 9 as possible responses.

Push Polls and Surveys works by dialing the numbers on a call list and playing an audio file with questions and responses. A callee will hear the question and can respond by using the touch keypad on their phone. RoboCent’s dialer uses IVR (interactive voice response) technology to record the DTMF Keypad Response made by the callee. While the call is sending the dial process and dispositions, in addition to the full keypad responses for each question, are updated live in the user control panel. When the call has finished sending, a file download with the full list of responses per callee will be available for download.

Push Polls are designed for:

  • Event Invites
    “Will you be attending? Press 1 for YES and 2 for NO”
  • YardSign Locations
    “Can I place a small YardSign in your yard? Press 1 for YES and 2 for NO”
  • DNC Requests
    Simply ask the callee to “Press 9 at any time to be removed from our call list.”


Surveys provide more powerful customization options for collecting data from voters. These features help maximize the effectiveness of Surveys to boost response rates, remove answer bias, and collect more detailed information from callees.

  • Assign different live answer audio and voicemail answer audio to maximize dial time
  • Collect responses with keypad, voice or multi-digit inputs.
  • Enable Rotating Answers or Randomized Questions to remove “first click” bias
  • A/B test scripts by running two surveys simultaneously

Why Choose RoboCent for Surveys?

  • Connector.

    Live Results in the User Control Panel Show Instant Callee Response Rates

  • Connector.

    Ability to Use Different Live Answer/Voicemail Answer Audio

  • Connector.

    Comparable results to “Scientific” Surveys for a Fraction of the Cost

  • Connector.

    Access to RoboCent’s Proven High-Retention Scripts

  • Connector.

    24/7 Support Team for Hands Free Management and Peace of Mind

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