RoboCalls & Transfer Calls

A RoboCall is an automated call that plays a prerecorded message to a live recipient or answering machine. Our dialing service takes your unique recording and sends the message to your target universe. When the automated call dials the phone and your callee answers, the recording will play for them to hear.

Transfer calls work similarly to RoboCalls. When scheduling a call, a “Transfer To” phone number is assigned. The dialing begins exactly like a RoboCall. During the audio, the callee will be instructed to “Press 1” on their phone to be transferred. At this point, the callee will be transferred to the number selected.

Push-Polls & Surveys

Push-Polls and Surveys are very similar, the only difference being how many questions and responses are included with the cost. A Push-Poll is a single question with 1 or 2 as possible responses. A Survey is an unlimited number of questions with 1 through 9 as possible responses.

SMS Connect

RoboCent now offers Peer-to-Peer (P2P) SMS messaging! Instead of relying on an Opt-In list of voters to contact with an automated text, we manually target voters in your district via SMS. RoboCent uses a real human to send messages to your list. We will work with your campaign to craft the optimal message to get the highest response rate from voters in your district.


A TeleTownHall is a phone based townhall where voters are dialed and invited to participate in a live call with a Speaker (VIP, candidate, elected official). During the call, participants can press a button on their keypad to be transferred to a screener who will write down their question. If a callee is selected, they will go live on the air with the Speaker to directly ask their question. All reports and statistics are collected during the TeleTownHall and provided when the event has concluded.

RVM (Ringless Voicemail Drops)

Ringless Voicemail Drops are the newest technology in the industry and used to directly target call phones, without ever ringing the phone. When provided with a call list, RoboCent will remove all the landline numbers, keeping just the cell phones. It works by establishing a server-to-server communication directly with the callees voicemail platform, circumventing the need to dial the recipient. A telephone call is never made to the cell phone, instead, using a drop delivery system.


Need a Phone Number to send a RoboCall From? We’ve got it covered.

RoboCent offers the ability to purchase a new number – directly from the control panel. After purchasing a new number, the client can set up and customize exactly how it behaves. When voters text you after sending them a RoboCall or RVM, your number will automatically respond with a certain action that you assign.

Voter Data

Look no further than RoboCent for accurate and reliable voter data.
Clients can now purchase voter data directly from their RoboCall provider. We provide voter files for every need, whether it be for a new RoboCall or simply to update records for door knocking.

Strategic Solutions

With our Strategic Solutions Program we completely manage a client’s account for them, removing the need to manually schedule new calls. The client only needs to provide a call list, audio file, caller ID, and the desired time to launch the call. From there, RoboCent handles the rest. Save valuable time that could be spent knocking on doors by letting us do what we do best – sending RoboCalls.

Monumental Creative Website and Logo Design

Every politician needs a website to ensure accurate information is presented to voters who want to learn more. It creates a solid landmark on the web and can maximize traffic in the right direction. Having issues clearly presented in an engaging way can set candidates apart from the pack. Updating consistently with new event locations, responding to frequent questions on the campaign trail, and having a place for voters to contact the campaign is necessary in modern politics.