Complete FCC Compliance

RoboCent automatically removes cell phone numbers from your list to ensure you remain in full FCC compliance.

  Unlimited Scalability

Whether you're calling 10 or 10,000,000 households, RoboCent has the capacity to complete your call in a matter of minutes.

  Personal Representative

Every RoboCent client receives a dedicated, personal representative to assist you every step of the process.

  No subscription fees

Only pay for the calls you want to send

  Flexible Operating Hours

RoboCent's staff has experience working on numerous campaigns, from local School Board to US Senate elections. We understand that Political Campaigns don't exactly follow the normal "9-5" work schedule. That's why we're available throughout the night to help you plan your calls and provide results when your call is completed

0-15 Seconds 1¢/Call
16-30 Seconds 1.7¢/Call
31-45 Seconds 2.4¢/Call
46-60 Seconds 3.1¢/Call
Over 60 Seconds 3.8¢/Call
Push Polls (1 Question) 3¢/Call
Voicemail 3.5¢/Call
Voicemail on Polls 1¢/Call
0-15 Seconds 1¢/Call
16-30 Seconds 1.6¢/Call
31-45 Seconds 2.2¢/Call
46-60 Seconds 2.8¢/Call
Over 60 Seconds 3.4¢/Call
Push Polls (1 Question) 2.6¢/Call
Voicemail 3¢/Call
Voicemail on Polls 1¢/Call
0-15 Seconds 1¢/Call
16-30 Seconds 1.5¢/Call
31-45 Seconds 2¢/Call
46-60 Seconds 2.5¢/Call
Over 60 Seconds 3¢/Call
Push Polls (1 Question) 2.2¢/Call
Voicemail 2.5¢/Call
Voicemail on Polls 1¢/Call


Complete Call Analytics

Every call comes standard with a complete call analytics report and downloadable CSV file showing who answered the call, how long they listened, and any other details associated with the automated call.

Transfer Automated Calls to Live Representatives

RoboCent has the ability to set up a transfer call for live answer recipients to be transferred to a representative you have standing by.

Schedule Calls in Advance

Schedule calls days or weeks in advance to avoid any last minute rush and prevent any potential issues.

Custom Caller ID Number

Customize the caller ID number you'd like displayed on recipients' phones to boost the live answer rate and experience.

Unlimited Polling Questions and Responses

Ask an unlimited amount of questions with an unlimited number of responses to gain valuable feedback and data from your recipients.

Dedicated Call in Recording Line

RoboCent provides a secure and dedicated call in recording line that allows you to record an unlimited number of messages that are emailed directly to your inbox.

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